What to do in London? Alternative classes to do this weekend

Pottery – BYOB Your Ultimate Pottery experience

Available Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday – SE1 2BE



Enjoying a pint after work is good but not as good as enjoying a pint and going to a pottery experience that covers everything you are expecting from pottery workshop, This workshop is hosted in a fun, creative craft studio in the central London. Token Studio is famously making each craft workshop into a creative, positive and fun party-like experience. If you ever want to try pottery? This is the only one you need to go. 


Tai Chi Free Push Hands

Saturday, 10:30 -12 pm, NW1 4NT



Pushing hands allows you to exponentially understand the internal aspects of Tai Chi. Exploring leverage, reflex, sensitivity, timing, coordination and positioning. It trains you to eliminate your natural instinct to resist force with force, teaching the body to more effectively yield to force and redirect it. Training with a partner allows you to develop ting jing (listening power), the sensitivity to feel the direction and strength of a partner’s intention and effectively neutralise incoming forces in a safe way.

Beginners are very welcome to join us.


Ecstatic Dance UK – Open Air

Available on Sunday, 10-1 pm, E9 5HW

From £15


As an ‘organised wellness & fitness class’, our events are fully compliant with the latest government rules. Our sessions are covid-secure and respect social distancing measures. Our opening/closing circles are done in groups of maximum 6.


10.00 Warm-up music

10.30 Opening circle

11.00 Ecstatic Dance

12.45 Closing circle

13.00 Picnic (optional)

Dancers who wish to hang out and socialise after the dance are invited to bring a packed lunch for a picnic (socially-distanced, obv).


Yoga in Orangery

Available on Saturday, W5 4NH



Join us around the Horseshoe Lake for dynamic, playful, Vinyasa Flow yoga. No previous experience or kit required. Come as you are.


Cuban Salsa

Available Saturday, 5pm-10 pm (different levels) – SE1 8NY



Salsateca Dance School is a Latin American-dance school in London. It offers Salsa and Bachata classes for beginners, improvers, intermediate and advanced students at venues in central, north and south London. SALSATECA was founded in 1992 and since then it has firmly established itself as a leader in the Salsa scene in London. It has also branched out internationally with presence in Slovenia, Croatia and Lebanon.


Would you like to hear about specific type of classes or activities in your area? Please let us know what would you like to hear about in the comments.


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