Wellness January

The biggest free online wellness event yet

Skillsieve is organizing the biggest free online wellness event yet to help people beat the blues of 2020 and start the new year with a fresh mind and a fresh body.

Skillsieve is a brand new startup featuring listings of teachers and classes from various categories. They are looking to provide alternatives to people’s Friday evening and offer to go out to learn or try a new hobby as an alternative to going out to the pub.

In the present climate, they have focused on delivering an online curriculum, specially catered around wellness to support people struggling during the pandemic. With so many struggling with both physical and mental health, the Wellness January will deliver a series of exercise classes, including yoga and pilates as well as classes focused on mental health such a motivation and mindfulness. To support people even better there will be classes focused on nutrition, including overcoming emotional eating.

‘There is so little we can control right now, says Klaudia Szygenda, the Skillsieve founder, ‘So we want to give to people something to put them in charge of their lives again, to focus on their health’.

This well-rounded event is free to attend and will feature over 20 UK-based teachers.

The event will start on the 4th of January and will continue until the end of the month.


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