Things to do in London this week

With the COVID rules becoming more strict and the numbers increasing, you might be wondering what is there to do in London this week? Are there any courses or classes left that I could join and meet other people? Read on to find out what to do in London this weekend.


From Friday 23rd October for 3 weeks.

London Street Photography


What is the course about?
Wish you could capture those spontaneous moments of urban life like a pro? Learn the tricks of the skilful trade of street photography and build your confidence in snapping candid, unobtrusive photographs on the street, shooting in some of the most dynamic and vibrant areas of London to tell powerful stories in single images.

Fitness options

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SW – South West London

HIIT Bootcamp on Clapham Common

Saturday, weekly, 10:30-11:30

Free event

Organised by Team Thrive Outdoor Fitness – a bunch of very energetic, professional individuals.

Free Bootcamp on Clapham Common

Sunday, weekly, 10-11 am

Free event

If staying active is your thing and you are close to Clapham, why not join Alvar and Greg in their Bootcamp.

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Public Speaking Practice

East London

Available Saturday – EC2M 2PA

First session free

Come and get the chance to speak in a supportive and friendly environment. Public Speaking will boost your confidence and give you more power to speak and to be listened to in both your personal and professional life.

What makes this public speaking session different from others you ask?

There is a strong emphasis on self-expression, creativity, trial and error, and most importantly, speaking practice!

What will you gain from this event?

  • Gain confidence by overcoming your fear of public speaking
  • Learn to think on your feet with our Impromptu speaking format
  • Get feedback and improve your public speaking with a real audience
  • Tips and opportunities to practice: body language, voice, tone, pitch, uses of stories, use of pauses, humour, etc…
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things to do in London this week

Drop in acting class – beginners welcome

Saturday, weekly, 2pm -4 pm


Class details:
This is a practical weekly workshop, geared towards getting attendees to participate and to experience ‘hands on’ the famous acting technique we teach.

If you have ever wondered what the Meisner Technique is about, this is the perfect class for you to take!

In essence, the Meisner Technique is a set of practical exercises designed to progressively take the actor out of their comfort zone. This is done so that they can easily ‘inhabit the skin’ of the character they need to portray in a play or film. Meisner acting is unique; it is powerful, thrilling and exhilarating. A Meisner Technique actor can move through characters and imaginary situations to convincingly portray characters that are very much unlike their own self.

Prefer to stay at home?

things to do in London this week

We have some ideas for things to do at home too

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