Things to do at home when bored during the lockdown

With countries implementing another lockdown, it can feel very boring being stuck again at home with nothing to do. Even worse, when you have to quarantine for 2 very long, very boring weeks. We have brainstormed some of the best ideas to kill boredom for adults in the post below.

If you don’t feel like doing them alone, you can join our Facebook group. The group is for anyone who wants to stay connected to other people, learn new skills together, and make friends with others with similar interests. If this sounds like you, or you just a serial hobbyist and want to try any or all activities for free – see you there.

This week we have a series of activities planned, here’s the lineup.

Before you start reading a little disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to our partners. This means that at no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you decide to register through our link.



Gentle Hatha Yoga -Beginners friendly with Heart Within Yoga [30 min]

We will focus on gentle body movement, relaxation and meditation 🙏

The class is hosted by Heart Within Yoga via Facebook Rooms.

You can find the event here.

Book Club with Janaina Souza [60 min]

During this meeting, we will discuss various books and decide which one we will read as a group. Prepare before and think what book would you like the book club to read?

Remember, we have only 4 weeks 🙂

You can access the event here.

Beginners Yoga class with CocoYoga [45 min +Q&A]

Here’s a message from our host, Cristina from CocoYoga

Yoga is a powerful practice that can help us connect with ourselves and others, and help create strength, balance and confidence in our busy lives. In this class, we are going to move, stretch, breathe and hopefully have some fun! Suitable to everyone, from total beginners to proficient yogis, this class will focus on classic poses. Every move is broken down to make them accessible to all, including people with reduced mobility (options are given to practice in a chair!). A brief Q&A will follow to field any questions and doubts you may have about the practice. I look forward to seeing you all on the mat!

You can find the event here.

Beginners Salsa with MS Dance [60 min]

Beginners salsa class with Magda Sobolewska from MS Dance

Magda is a renowned UK and international Latin dance teacher, performer, and social dancer. If you are bored and looking for things to do and move – this is an ultimate lockdown boredom killer.

Here’s the link to the event.

Canine to Five by Quay to Success Dog Training [60 min]

All the knowledge you need for working stress free from home with your dog.

1. How to have a calm dog when you are on your Zoom calls or the telephone

2. tangible techniques that can be practiced in under 3 minutes, in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

3.transform your dog into the cool, calm and collected companion that you can have by your side during the day

by Kirsty Walker from

You can find the event here.

Creating an Investing Plan that Works for You [60 min]


In this class, we help you build the foundation needed to become wealthier. And above all, give you the tools to understand what it takes to create a successful Investing Plan. Here are three key learnings we’ll cover: Financial Habits and Discretionary Income
To a large degree, your ability to grow your net worth depends on your daily habits. We examine the healthy habits that you can build on and the unhealthy habits that may be standing in your way. We also help you to be more intentional with how you spend your discretionary income. Resistance and Investing Basics
When we attempt to make significant changes in our lives, we often encounter resistance. This is to be expected. We help you to engage in meaningful actions that have the most impact on your wealth. Creating Your Investing Targets
We show you how to make the most of a workplace or private personal pension scheme. Your Investing Plan is not just about tracking your progress each month. Thanks to it you can account for potential changes in your life. You can avoid the big mistakes that so many people make. And eventually, actively manage your finances year after year.

You can find the event here.

Crochet for beginners with Dawn Jones [60 min]

Learn basic stitches with Dawn Jones.

To participate in the class you will need double knit yarn in a light colour and size 4mm crochet hook. If possible you should have a pony soft-grip crochet hook, as it is the easiest for beginners (my personal favourite is the Clover hook though as the plastic ones tend to make weird noises against acrylic yarn).

If you want to make it easier you can get this kit. It includes 20 assorted colours and accessories, including the needed 4mm hook.

You can join Dawn in her Crafty Zebra Group.

You can find the event here.

Not in a mood for a group class but still looking for things to do at home?

You can also try our Beginners Yoga Moves to do at home.


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