My Yoga Kit – The Best Yoga Accessories

If you are new to yoga you definitely should check the recommendation below in our My Yoga Kit – The Best Yoga Accessories and read the article with tips for yoga beginners. If you have been doing yoga for a while now, check it out too, you may get some new ideas for your practice or refresh your current kit.

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Yoga Mat – The best yoga accessories

For me for a very long time, the most important from the kit was the yoga mat. I don’t know about you, but I find it very unpleasant to go to a studio and use a mat that hundreds of people used before me. With the current restrictions, it is a bit better, after each class everyone is obligated to wipe down the mat before they stored away, however, the smell of old sweat still remains (yup…).

You want to make sure that your yoga mat is not slippery, comfy, and also not to thick. The thicker mats will make the standing positions much harder and as a beginner, you might want to use the easier option. Try to avoid the super-thin mats as well. These are not very comfortable for any lying down positions or kneeling positions (it can absolutely kill your knees!).

So which mat should you go for?

This one is my absolutely favorite yoga accessory for beginners. It has a perfect thickness to be both comfy and stable and additionally it has alignment lines which will help you with the right placement of your feet and hands while doing your practice. It is also has a great affordable price (£24.95).

Blocks – The Best Yoga Accessories

Next on the list are blocks. They are an amazing tool and very versatile. You can use the blocks to help you with positions harder to achieve (they ‘lift up the floor’ if you will) or can be great knee support. I myself have issues with my knees and use the blocks regularly for any position where I have to kneel on one knee.

I would recommend getting three blocks to make it a perfect setup – two thick ones that you can use as a support for your hands and one thinner one to support your knee when required. These and this one are great options as they are made of natural cork and they look absolutely great.

Yoga pants – My Yoga Kit

When it comes to yoga pants you really want to do your research. There is a lot of movement in yoga and the last thing you want is your yoga pants constantly rolling down. Been there. The regular leggings from any high street shop might be great if you have a super flat belly, but if your stomach moves and expands while you exercise (and it often does in yoga as we breathe in to our stomachs), the standard leggings just keep rolling down.

My personal favourite are leggings from 90 degrees by Reflex. They are usually available in TK Maxx for around £20 but it is not guaranteed that you will find them there. For me, it’s usually an awesome surprise if I go to TK Maxx looking for something else and I find a pair of 90 degreed by Reflex pants in my size. If you want to get your yoga pants now, you can get them from Amazon here or here. They are really amazing and you can squat and breathe and nothing is rolling anywhere.

They range between £20 and £60 depending on the model. If you are looking for something a bit more affordable these are a great alternative. And they look so cool, don’t they?

Top – My Yoga Kit

While pants are important not to roll down while you exercise, the top shouldn’t be rolling up. I have experienced this multiple times where I either came in in a loose top and while doing downward dog it just went over my head, flashing everyone, or when I wore top just slightly too tight and it kept rolling up every time I moved. You want to find that perfect middle, where your top will stay where it is.

You probably have a lot of t-shirts like this already, but if you would like a new one I have a couple options for you.

This racerback is great, comfy and a perfect fit for yoga. I personally prefer this style to do yoga, especially any more fat-burning types as it keeps you cool during the practice.

If you prefer something with sleeves, here is another option for you.

Comfy hoodie – My Yoga Kit

You might wonder why a hoodie. Usually, when you come to join yoga practice it can be very cold at the beginning. It is a good idea to wear something additional to keep you warm. Also at the end of the practice during the corpse pose or meditation, you are lying on the floor, not moving. This pose can get pretty chilly too. It is really good to always have a piece of some warm clothing with you.

If you are going to get something from Amazon for this, I would highly recommend going for a brand you recognize. I did try some hoodies which looked great for yoga but they were made with horrible materials.

This Tommy Hilfiger hoodie looks great and is super comfy.

Or if you would prefer a more sporty look this Superdry Hoodie will be the perfect fit.

Bag – The Best Yoga Accessories

Your yoga bag is going to be your friend, especially when it comes to storing your mat. Some yoga mats come with straps that you can use as a handle, but I prefer having a proper yoga bag. Why? The main reason is that when you store it at home and don’t use it for a few days it can get quite dusty. I just prefer storing my yoga mat with some kind of cover.

You can go for something funky like the one below (there is more colour and pattern options when you follow the link) to keep your yoga accessories looking cute as ever.

Or if you prefer something more natural you can go for the macrame yoga bag.

Yoga socks

When practicing yoga we usually practice bare feet as socks make us slip on the mat. It is much easier to practice barefoot in general, however, it does get cold. I am assuming that this is because our feet don’t have enough insulation to keep us warm.

Internet of course comes for the rescue, introducing yoga socks with additional non-slip padding on the bottom. Might be a perfect solution. I haven’t tried these yet, although now with winter approaching, they are on my list to buy.

Yoga Swingset

Have you tried acro yoga before? It is an amazing way to relieve back pain after a long day. You can just hang upside down and let your spine stretch with pleasure. Due to our sedentary lifestyles our vertebrates get compresses causing back pain, hanging upside down, and stretching them helps release all the stress and compression. Yoga trapeze (this kind of hammock-looking thing) helps you also build upper body strength and core strength.

This Yogabody trapeze comes with a set of instructions and position which you can try at home on your own.

Resistance band

This is one of my personal favorites. We may actually prepare some exercises for you to try with the resistance band as this is such a versatile and useful tool for yoga! One of my favorite uses of the band is when lying flat on the floor, with your knees bend you lift up to the bridge pose. While in the bridge pose you lift one leg, then the other. What my body does – as not used to this kind of exercise – it keeps wiggling my hips, making me very unstable. However, if I hold the band across my hips, holding it in each hand while lifting my hips and then the leg, my attention is much more focused on the hips and it helps me to keep them in the same position. Magic! This is by far one of the best yoga accessories you can get.

They are also really cheap, just a few pounds. You can get one here, but any other will do.

Starter kit

Can’t be bothered going one by one and getting each item separately? You can just get a pre-prepared starter kit, such as this one to make your life easier.

Got your kit ready? You can try our beginner’s yoga poses or find the class in London near to you.


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