Sangyé Yoga School has been offering Yoga classes since 2005.  Sangyé Yoga provides a space for independent yoga teachers to offer yoga classes & workshops. The schedule features more than 50 weekly classes, by a diverse collection of Sangyé and Jivamukti certified teachers. Many hold both qualifications.

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  • Skillsieve
    March 12, 2021 at 11:24 pm

    I have been attending Sangye school for a very long time i think more 8 years. Sangye became quickly a second home. the sense of community and togetherness created in sangye by Cat and phil the owners is unprecedented. in fact I don’t think there is any other school here in london that created that sense of home community a place of true practice. yoga is unity in body and mind not a physical exercise only that is a consequence. yes there are good places around with great visiting teachers. Here Cat and phil are integral in the teachings from Challenging asanas to being generous in giving out the vast knowledge in the yoga philosophy in particular buddhism. every month is set with a theme that is somehow cleverly integrated into the practice and that one can take with them outside the mattress to everyday life. last month was mind training and this month is generosity. the experience and diligence is top at sangye and the choice of their teachers like emily, danni, melody antonia is of very high quality encompassing the same values. Cat gives 300 percent of herself to her teaching and sangye. and expects also hard work. she is challenging both in her asana practice and in mind practice.
    IT IS THE BEST place no doubt.

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