5 Best board games for indoor fun

Are you looking for something to do indoors this autumn? Here is a list of 5 best board games that kept us busy during the first lockdown! A little off-topic from our usual conversation about courses – a hobby for everyone to do when you are stuck at home. Are you looking for some indoor hobbies to do with your housemates? We hope you’ll enjoy this option as an indoor hobby to do at home.

We have prepared a list of 5 best boardgames which you will ever play.


The best board game to have your brain teased

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Codenames is a great game to have your brain teased. You are spies who are trying to find your agents by their codenames. The more people in the team, the more lively discussions and ideas which words are the codenames that you are after. The game is very easy to understand and quick to setup and play. As a spymaster you have to link your agents’ codenames with one single word, giving a hint to your agents on who are they looking for. However, be careful not to say a word associated with the other team names!

You can get it on Amazon here or if you have the basic version, you can try the Adults Only Deep Undercover version.



This is the best board game to start with

best board games

Dixit is my old times favourite and the best board game to introduce to your friends. Beautifully crafted cards, brainteasers, and some friendly competition are all you need for an amazing board game and Dixit brings it all. If you are looking for an indoor hobby, this is one that will definitely stay. In each round, a storyteller (every round this role moves to the next person) chooses a card from their hand and describes it with a word or sentence ( you can also choose different variations of this game, where the description must be a sound or a song name. We definitely recommend starting with word or sentence until you get used to the style of this game). The aim of the game is to find the storyteller’s card amongst the others. You will see that after a couple of rounds you will not be able to stop.

You can buy this at Amazon here or if you have the basic version we recently got this expansion pack to tease our brains a bit more and we will be buying this one very soon.



The best cooperative board game

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Suddenly weirdly accurate, Pandemic is a great cooperation game, whereas a team you are working on eradicating a pandemic from the world. This is the best board game and so real at this time. While you work on developing the cure and healing the infected, the virus spreads, infecting one country after the other. Will your team manage to save humanity or will the virus overtake the world?

You can purchase on Amazon here or if you already have the basic version, you can try the expansion available here.


Ticket To Ride

The best board game to start playing quickly

best board games

Ticket To Ride is a fun simple game that can be learned in 15 minutes. Your goal is to build the longest train route on the map using various cards. You can try simple strategies to outsmart the rest of the players. You can start playing even with two people, but the most fun starts with 3 and more. Great idea for a party game, where you want a simple way to have fun. If you have Alexa, you can download a skill Ticket to Ride, have Alexa explain the game, and then calculate the routes for you.

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Available on Amazon here or if you have the basic version you can try Ticket To Ride: Europe, also with its own Alexa skill available.


Cards Against Humanity

The best board game to include at the END of the party

best board games

Last but not least on our best board games list is Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card. Everyone else answers with their funniest white card. Be careful though, as things can get dark very quickly as nothing is off the cards in this game.

best board games

It is definitely a game that we play at the end of each party after we all had a couple of drinks already!

There is a UK version available here or you can try this Harry Potter editionCards Against Muggles – to mix things up.


We hope you enjoyed our list of best board games. Do you have a favourite board game that we haven’t listed? Let us know in the comments!

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    We have Cards Against Humanity and it’s too much fun! Great list!

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